How Hospitality Can Survive During The Pandemic


No doubt the industry is facing unprecedented challenges starting with revenue generation.
Below is a list of ideas which may help a hotel sustain itself

1- Sell the future
Yes, you can sell the future via pre-paid packages at a discounted rate. Sell directly to your customers via the social network. this will help in generating revenues during these difficult times.

2- Turn your hotel into a touch-less cashless operation
Using RFID Wristbands / NFC Cards / Mobile wallets for payment helps in keeping the virus from spreading

3- Include access to physical resource as part of your packages
Divide your hotel into different zones as per the available activities and control access to these zones to gain control during this pandemic. Provide packages with built-in time based access control.

4- Make your queues short. Really short
With social distancing in place, a queue can easily become very long with just few guests waiting in line. In order to eliminate the queue, automation and integration are key, where with a single tap of a room key your guests are validated and ready to be served.

5- Incentivize via points
This is the time to give before taking strategy. By providing generous points, a journey into your hotel becomes more pleasant and more satisfying. More points equals more sales.

6- Offer complex packages
Till now, hotels run on legacy software. Legacy software plus lack of integration is the main limiting factor of offering complex packages. A new system layer is needed.

7- Create a system of checks and balances
Finance want control independent of operation. Marketing want reach with unlimited budget. Operation want happy customers independent of cost, and sales blame marketing 🙂 This is a typical day in a hotel with lots of tension and conflicting interests between the teams. You need a system that keeps checks and balances during all types of operations.

8- Time to fine tune your operation
There is a bright side for down times. As difficult as it may seem, actually this is the time where you can fine tune your operation and add automation to your existing system. A hotel system is a complex disconnected heterogeneous system. With the proper tools, many processes can be automated resulting in a fulfilling customer experience.

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