Sofitel The Palm, Dubai

Integrates blockchain technology into its processes using Lucid Pay Version 3


A settlement system for today’s Hospitality & Tourism industry to enable a more connected future

Lucid takes full advantage of Blockchain & Smart Contracts to enhance your guest’s experiences, innovate your payment processing solutions and increase your hospitality value offerings.


Your transactions are highly secure, traceable and efficient working 24/7 with zero downtime.






Direct Benefits Today...

Lucid platform integrates right into micros | Simphony. Packed with features to enhance and secure your operation.


Interconnect Units & Entities

Interconnect seamlessly the group units and entities to enhance the guest offering and experience.

Eliminate Customers’ Disputes

Simplify every in-house settlement leading to swift dispute resolution.

Automate for a Better Guest Experience

Pre-define your guests' terms & refund conditions as well as your guests' loyalty program using our smart contract system to make transactions frictionless.

Eliminate Double Spending

Prevent double spending of your guests’ packages within your hospitality establishment.

Optimise Resources

Reduced over consumption of staff hours in taking time to complete transactions and reporting.

Eliminate Fraud

Reduce the common issue of internal fraud using Lucid cashless payment system.

Get ready for the future of payments

Lucidpay integrates into your existing settlements system with ease.

Building Experiences

Widen and enhance the guest’s experience by using a pre-built multiple account types within our mobile wallet

Blockchain Focused

With Lucidpay all your transactions within the establishment are run through smart contracts. Tracking, auditing and recording of all your financial data has never been more simple.

Open Secure APIs

Lucid platform allows third party vendors to leverage on our open secure APIs.

Benefits for your customers

Track All Spendings

Your customers can track all the transactions on our mobile wallet. They can transfer crypto credit to family members or to friends.

Data Regulation

Lucidpay takes GDPR very seriously and we ensure that our innovative settlements system follows privacy regulations to protect your customers. Should the guests decide to be anonymous, we support nameless wristbands.

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